Top 99 College Speech Topics

Ninety-nine emotional, controversial, or relatable speech ideas for college students

Here's my list of 99 college speech topics! They cover all sorts of subjects, and you should be able to find something suitable for whatever type of speech you've been asked to deliver.

To make things easy on yourself, pick a topic that interests you and something you'll be able to speak about with passion!

It will make your research more interesting, and your speech more engaging for your listeners!

Are you returning to college, or just starting your freshman year?

Then check out these tips for time management for college students.

These tips for post-secondary students give you a fighting chance of thriving during your college years because you're capable of so much more than you realize if you schedule things right!

Round 1 - First 50 College Speech Topics

1st Fifty (50) College Speech Topics

  1. Abortion
  2. Euthanasia
  3. The death penalty
  4. Voting
  5. Hazing in fraternities and sororities
  6. Succeeding in college
  7. What it means to be a hero
  8. The dangers of drugs
  9. The dangers of smoking
  10. The dangers of alcohol
  11. How to find a job
  12. The dangers of credit cards
  13. Staying Christian in college
  14. Planning a party
  15. How to make money on eBay
  16. Tips to save money in college
  17. Reality television
  18. Today's music
  19. Athletes as role models
  20. My favorite celebrity
  21. My best childhood memory
  22. My worst childhood memory
  23. The person who most influenced my life
  24. My definition of "Family"
  25. All about me!
  26. My best friend
  27. How to change a flat tire
  28. How to get a second date
  29. How to meet new people
  30. My new year's resolution
  31. Hurricanes
  32. We are living in the end times
  33. The life and death of Robin Williams
  34. Talk shows
  35. Civil disobedience
  36. Sex education
  37. Teenage pregnancy
  38. Gun control
  39. Legalizing marijuana
  40. Passing your driving tests
  41. Fad Diets
  42. Anorexia
  43. Bulimia
  44. ADHD
  45. ADD
  46. Anxiety
  47. Depression
  48. Suicide
  49. Study strategies - WaPo ex. "College Students: They don't know how to study"
  50. Caffeine - Check out a sample informative speech - "The Truth About Caffeine"

Round 2 - 49 More College Speech Topics

49 More College Speech Topics

  1. Fast food
  2. The importance of exercise
  3. Dyslexia
  4. PMS
  5. Cancer
  6. A turning point in my life
  7. Illiteracy
  8. Gangs or gang violence
  9. What type of legacy will you leave behind?
  10. A moment that changed my life
  11. If I won the lottery…
  12. Platonic relationships
  13. How to plan a vacation
  14. The 'fake news' phenomenon and its dangers
  15. Is Ebola a worldwide threat?
  16. Energy drinks - useful or dangerous?
  17. Practice makes perfect
  18. A fair trial
  19. What is a tornado?
  20. The importance of a good night's sleep
  21. Martin Luther King Jr.
  22. Cell phones
  23. Ideas for spring break trips
  24. How to entertain on a budget
  25. How to lose weight and keep it off
  26. How to stop smoking
  27. The media and self-esteem
  28. The Kardashians
  29. Immigration
  30. O.J. Simpson
  31. Trump and Twitter
  32. Stephen King
  33. The history of the internet
  34. The invention of the telephone
  35. The importance of a college education
  36. Don't drop out of school
  37. Muhammad Ali
  38. Satellite vs. cable television
  39. America's Got Talent
  40. Should the school year be extended?
  41. Teacher pay raises
  42. The failure of the public school system
  43. What is your credit score?
  44. How to buy a car
  45. What to look for in a roommate
  46. How to reduce your carbon footprint
  47. Is there life after death?
  48. Life on other planets
  49. Scientology

Knockout Your College Speech with a Great Topic

So there you have it - 99 college speech topics on which to base your presentation, or to inspire you to come up with a subject of your own!

Good luck with creating your speech - and if you'd like to share your creation, I'd love to publish it to help inspire others!

Need More Help - Here are a few free speech samples on some more topics that may be appropriate for college students:

If you like to publish or share, submit your speech here as an example for others to read after completion.

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