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Dear Fellow Speech Writer,

My name is Christine - I'm mother of 5 and a lover of words and good writing!

The editor of Best Speech Topics

My kids range in age from a little one in pre-school to a 19 year old currently studying for a degree in psychology. I've had years of experience in helping them with all sorts of speech assignments and public speaking engagements in our community. Not only have I helped them learn to feel comfortable when speaking in public, I've also passed on my love of words and an ability to deliver a speech both eloquently and effectively!

With almost 10 years experience in online publishing, I thoroughly enjoy running best-speech-topics.com and dealing with questions from visitors to the site from all over the world, who need help in crafting a speech or in speaking confidently in front of a crowd.

I particularly love getting your emails about how best-speech-topics.com has helped you in your speech writing assignments.

This site has been growing and growing for over 5 years now and I am delighted by the feedback and inspiration all you guys send in!

I love when you send in suggestions on what you want to see in terms of speech topics, public speaking tips and actual example speeches.

I also love when you send in quotes that mean something to you and that you use in your speeches! I mean you guys basically built two pages on this site by sending me your positive quotes for kids and more positive quotes for kids!

It warms my heart to know that I've helped you in some small way to feel more confident about speaking publicly and I love hearing how well you've done in your speaking assignments! It's great to hear how so many of you have overcome your fear of public speaking to become better and better presenters!

It's also great to hear from the teachers who visit asking if they can use a particular article or speech in their classrooms! So make sure you don't copy any of the speeches on this site because it's more than likely that your teacher has read them!

Keep the feedback coming...send in your comments through the contact form or send in your speech to share with all the other folks who come to visit from all over the world.

You guys are awesome!

Christine Albury

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