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Trending Best Speech Topics for January 2023

#1 - Hot Speech Topic This Month

The Pope - Leader of the Worldwide Catholic Church

Why does BST recommend the Pope as a topic for January 2023? First, the Vatican recently reported that the retired Pope Benedict XVI's health is worsening, historically important news bringing the topic of the Pope to the forefront.

There are many excellent informative and persuasive speech topics related to the Pope to consider.

  1. The history of the papacy: The Pope has a long and fascinating history dating back to the early Christian era. There have been over 260 Popes throughout history, each of whom has left their mark on the Church and the world.
  2. The role of the Pope: The Pope is considered the successor of St. Peter and the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. He has several essential responsibilities, including leading the Church, interpreting and teaching Catholic doctrine, and serving as a moral leader for Catholics worldwide.
  3. The Pope and world affairs: The Pope often speaks out on social and political issues and can influence public opinion and policy on a global scale.

#2 - Hot Speech Topic This Month

American Football

BST recommends American Football as a topic this month because of its impact on more than just entertainment. In addition, January is momentous for football because of college bowl games and NFL playoffs. 

Football topic ideas that sizzle this month:

  1. The rules of American football: American football is a complex game with a number of rules and regulations that govern how it is played. Understanding these rules is essential for anyone who wants to play or watch the game.
  2. The impact of American football on culture and society: Football has had a significant impact on American culture and society, and it is often seen as a symbol of national pride and unity.
  3. The business of American football: Football is a major industry, with professional teams, stadiums, and a huge television audience. Understanding the business side of the sport can provide insight into the economic and financial factors that drive the game.

#3 - Hot Speech Topic This Month

Serbia and Kosovo

Tensions recently intensified between Serbia and Kosovo. BST expects issues to continue in 2023, and now is a good time for students to educate themselves and others about the topic. While the United States and European Union are mediating talks between Belgrade and Pristina to resolve the issues, Kosovo has been a source of tension between the West and Russia for more than 20 years. 

Here are a few Serbia and Kosovo ideas to develop into meaningful speech topics:

  1. The history of Serbia and Kosovo: Serbia and Kosovo have a long and complex history, with roots that stretch back to ancient times. Understanding the historical context of the region can provide insight into the current political and social dynamics of the area.
  2. The political situation in Serbia and Kosovo: Serbia and Kosovo have had a tumultuous relationship, with Kosovo declaring independence from Serbia in 2008. The recognition of Kosovo's independence by some countries, but not by others, has been a source of ongoing tension between the two countries.
  3. The economic development of Serbia and Kosovo: Both Serbia and Kosovo have struggled with economic development, but there have been some signs of progress in recent years. Understanding the economic challenges and opportunities facing these countries can provide insight into their future prospects.

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