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Nervous? Trying to decide what subject or issue to choose? Best Speech Topics will help you overcome any roadblock.

Being asked to speak publicly can feel like one of the most daunting tasks on earth!


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Nearly every post on our blog includes a sample speech outline, such as the sample persuasive speech outline about "Wind Energy: An Answer to Energy Poverty" in our post of Global Wind Day Speech Topics. 

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If public speaking is not yet comfortable, BST will help you overcome your anxiety. You are not alone, the fear of public speaking is a commonly shared experience, known as glossophobia.

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Best Speech Topics

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Best Speech Topics designed this website to be a "go-to" resource for every aspect of giving a public speech, from its conception to its professional - and confident - delivery.

  • Discover HUNDREDS of speech topics and ideas that will inspire you.
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  • Read complete sample speeches to see how a memorable speech is crafted from beginning to end.
  • Learn about the various types of speeches needed for different situations, with ideas for everything from informative or demonstration speeches to persuasive or even funny presentations.
  • Have you been called upon to act as the best man? Maid of honor? Speak on behalf of your office to a colleague who's retiring? Discover lots of tips and advice for speaking on special occasions.
  • Learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking with my tips and exercises designed to increase your confidence.

Trending Best Speech Topics
Spring 2023

Trending Topic #1

The Revival of Space Exploration

Trending Topic #2

Emerging Technologies in the Post-Pandemic World

Trending Topic #3

The State of Climate Change in 2023

Trending Topic #4

The Evolution of eSports and Gaming Culture

Trending Topic #5

The Rise of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

By selecting these topics, we aim to give students a broad overview of current trends and emerging issues. Click here to read more about each topic, including opportunities for informative, persuasive, and other specific category speeches, enabling students to learn, persuade, and discuss various aspects of each subject matter.

The sources linked will ensure reliable information and promote well-founded discussions.

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