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Mock Trial

Mock trial competition is a popular form of education for students. A packet with affidavits provides details that correspond to real facts and everyday legal situations. Students learn hands-on about the drama of the legal system and how the judges, lawyers, witnesses, and jurors involved impact the rights of individuals and due process. All of this happens in an action-packed environment with constant opportunity to stand out by giving a speech. 

Mock Trial Teaches Formal Presentation Skills

Mock Trial Competition is a challenging activity that is designed to provide students with the ability to analyze, evaluate and resolve legal disputes. Part of the fun of a mock trial is preparing for and participating in a lawsuit. The formal presentation of evidence before a judge adds excitement and provides active feedback on how well students are grasping law, strategy and presentation skills. Students involved in the mock trial can participate in civil cases and criminal cases to engage in various aspects of the legal system.

Mock Trial Provides Confidence in Public Speaking

Through case studies, role plays, mock trials, moot court simulations and research, students gain a practical understanding of law and the legal system and how it relates to their everyday lives. Students who engage in a program of mock trial improve proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking. While analyzing the foundations and functions of the  legal system, students perform dynamic witness roles, stand up before an audience, move about a courtroom with poise and confidence, and use exhibits and demonstrations to engage with jurors and judges. 

Public Speaking by Mock Trial Team Members

Here are a few of the things that students learn and practice in mock trial competition that will help improve speaking ability:

  • Arguing Civil and Criminal Law Procedures
  • Making Objections and Explaining Grounds
  • Discussing and Describing the Rules of Evidence during trial
  • Direct Examination of Witnesses
  • Performing as a Witness during Direct and Cross-Examination
  • Making Opening Statements
  • Making Closing Arguments
  • Conducting Pre-trial Hearings on Evidentiary Matters
  • Standing and Speaking Up in Handling of Pre-trial Formalities

Participation in mock trial is an excellent way to practice and improve public speaking skills. Many high schools, colleges, and law schools provide an opportunity to get involved in this activity. Take advantage and gain confidence delivering a speech in any circumstance.

Check out the Mock Trial Flight School (MTFS) Podcast

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This weekly podcast provides lessons, strategies, techniques, and discussions related to trial advocacy, live performance in an adversarial setting, and speaking skills. The information provided in the podcast is intended to teach and motivate practicing trial attorneys, mock trial speech students, or witness performers.

You can become a legal eagle and a great public speaker.

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