Unique Speech Topics

You are looking for unique speech topics that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

When you have to speak in public, there's nothing worse than presenting a dry, bland topic that everyone has already heard a million times before.

If you get up in front of an audience with one of these "vanilla" speeches, you can count on people tuning out within a few minutes. You undoubtedly did not take the opportunity to speak just to bore people, did you?

Here are 7 Unique Speech Topics that will have your audience hanging onto your every word!

Everything you know about "___" is wrong

People don't like to be wrong, and this topic can perk ears up very quickly to hear what you have to say. Just make sure you can back up your claims! Also, new information that changes preconceived notions of the truth fascinates audiences and leave them wanting to share with others.

The time I almost died (got hit by a car, got arrested), and the lessons I learned

People love to hear about inspirational lessons learned during hard times. Even if you've never been seriously sick, you've probably had close calls on the road at some point in time. Use this topic to bring up meaningful, game-changing philosophies or ideas.

What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?

This question is a classic attention-getter from Stephen Covey. You can use this topic to jump into productivity tips and to motivate people to work toward a common goal.

My conversation with (a historical figure)

Structure your speech around an imagined conversation with a famous person from history. Hearing a familiar name will get attention, and you'll be able to have some fun with this one.

Why you are failing at your job

Job failure is a hot button topic, but one to which people will pay close attention. Everyone wants to perform better at work, and this topic is the perfect opportunity to show people how to improve in their chosen profession.

How technology is killing your productivity

A counterintuitive topic gets noticed.  Suggesting technology hurts efficiency is a great topic. In this example, the subject allows you to talk about technological advances while giving people practical tips for staying productive and avoiding distractions.

Don't believe these lies any longer

When you insinuate that media or institutions mislead people, the audience instantly becomes interested. No one wants to fall for a lie, and this topic is sure to keep listeners interested in what you have to say. Make sure that you have real examples, though, and don't directly make accusations in your speech that you can't back up with facts.

Professional copywriters know the power of a good headline. When you give a speech, your topic is the headline for your speaking engagement.

Using engaging and unique speech topics is a great way to attract a larger audience and keep people engaged.

Just be sure that your speech addresses the topic adequately and that listeners are left satisfied by what you've had to say. You shouldn't use a question to get attention and then deviate from it once you have an audience.

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