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1) Maid of Honor Speech sent in by Chiquita from the United States.

2) Sample Welcome Speech sent in by Gulshan from North Korea.

3) A Valedictorian Speech sent in by Leon from the United States.

4) A High School Graduation Speech sent in by Sami from the United States.

5) A Persuasive Speech about Bullying sent in by Cindy from the United States.

6) A College Graduation Speech sent in by Jimmy from Malawi.

7) A Persuasive Speech about Activism sent in by Jimmy from Malawi.

8) A Christian Speech from a Homeschool Graduate sent in by Katie from the United States.

9) A Persuasive Speech about Cell Phone Use While Driving sent in by Travis from the United States.

10) Student Council Speech sent in by Dylan from the United States.

11) An Informative Speech about the History of the Hamburger sent in by Mia from Canada.

12) A Persuasive Speech about Self-Consciousness sent in by Laiba from Canada.

13) Example High School Graduation Speech sent in by Safiya from Saudi Arabia.


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