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A demonstration speech outline is essential when you're writing your presentation, as it helps you logically organize your thoughts. A demonstration speech is a "how to" speech, in which the speaker demonstrates to the audience how to do a particular process or activity.

(If you haven't yet chosen the theme of your presentation, here are some great topic ideas to help you out.)

An outline for this type of speech is easy to prepare since the body of the statement mainly consists of the steps of a process or activity you are demonstrating.

Start your outline by creating a skeleton of the main parts

Sample abbreviated outlines are included below for the introduction and the conclusion pointing out several important aspects of those sections, such as attention devices, theme, and clinchers. The framework for the main body consists of the main points and sub-points that need to be discussed for the topic.

A typical essay three-two or two-three essay format often works well for a speech. The speech below has three main points: materials/tools, steps, and tips. Fill in the sub-points with details, supporting references, explanations, alternatives, answers to frequently asked questions, or appropriate information necessary to understand the main point.

With a demonstration speech outline, the goal is to construct the content of the speech carefully, so the audience leaves with the targeted degree of understanding. The framework gives you a bird's eye view of the overall presentation and helps the writer to avoid holes in the steps and information provided. While also, the outline helps the writer be concise and organized to avoid giving too much information and causing confusion or overwhelm.

What to put in the introduction and body of the demonstration speech outline?

The outline should start with an introduction that explains to the audience the process you will be demonstrating.

Be sure to include any history or background that is interesting or helpful to the audience.

For example, if you were to demonstrate how to tie-dye clothing, your introduction might touch on the history of tie-dying, showing examples of the types of clothing and accessories that are suitable for the process and a few finished articles!

The body of a demonstration speech can be divided into several sections.

If you are demonstrating how to complete a craft project, for example, you might have a segment on materials, then one containing all the steps, and a final section on how to care for or display the finished product.

The sections would be the main points of your speech.

For example, if you were to write a demonstration speech outline for a speech about how to make a scrapbook, it might look something like the textual framework below scrapbook image.

Demonstration Speech Outline for a Speech on ScrapbookingDemonstration Speech Outline for a Speech on Scrapbooking

Introduction Section - Demonstration Speech Outline

Sample skeleton outline for the introduction on scrapbooking:

A. Attention Device

  • ask Q's relate boxes/stacks
  • relate pleasure

B. Foreshadowing

  • will solve problem
  • identify scrapbooking as solution

C. Theme

  • fun
  • pleasurable

C. Transition and overview main points

  • tools
  • steps
  • tips

Detailed Outline of the Scrapbooking Speech Introduction with Draft of the Text:

  1. How many of you have a box of old photographs? Or maybe a stack of newer ones that keep piling up? How would you like to create something with those photographs that will be fun to make and give people pleasure for years?
  2. Today I am going to show you some great ideas for preserving your old and new photographs by scrapbooking.
  3. Scrapbooking has been around for a long time, but lately, it seems to have grown in popularity. This means there are lots of new and fun tools and materials on the market to make scrapbook even more of a pleasurable pastime!

Body Section - Demonstration Speech Outline

1. Materials

  •  Scrapbook
  •  Kits
  •  Embellishments
  •  Adhesive
  •  Stamps
  •  Scissors

2. Scrapbooking steps

  •  Select photos
  •  Choose a theme
  •  Design page
  •  Attach pictures, frames, ribbons, etc.
  •  Add stamps and labels.

OR - use a purchased scrapbooking kit.

OR - freestyle (a more haphazard style of scrapbooking with no 'rules')

3. Tips for preserving scrapbooks

  •  Use lignin-free paper
  •  Use acid-free and color safe fabrics

Conclusion Section - Demonstration Speech Outline

Sample Skeleton Outline for the Conclusion:

A. Transition

  • clause tying to the body
  • begin summary of the main points

B. Tie-in to the theme

  • fun
  • pleasure

C. Clincher

  • exhort audience to start scrapbooking
  • tie-in to theme of fun

Detailed draft of the text of the scrapbooking speech conclusion:

  1. Making scrapbooks is a great way to preserve your memories for yourself and others and can last for generations with high quality paper and fabrics.
  2. So, with the right tools and steps, scrapbooking is also fun and easy.
  3. Get yourself started and enjoy!

As you can see, the conclusion of a demonstration speech outline generally summarizes the speech and encourages the audience members to try it for themselves. If the presentation was truly effective, the audience should be inspired and feel empowered to give it a try!

I hope that now you can see how easy it is to prepare a demonstration speech outline and feel ready and inspired to try one yourself!

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