Children and Cell Phones Speech Sample

Here is a pro-con speech sample discussing children and cell phones, and whether or not children having a connected mobile device is a good idea.

Either use it as a 'template' for writing your own pro-con speech or use it as a starting point to write a controversial statement on this subject.

To turn this into a controversial speech, choose an argument of value such as, "Children should not be allowed to use cell phones." Then use a pro-con discussion to support your statement. Of course, as youth having smartphones become ubiquitous, a more timely controversial speech topic might be children and augmented reality implants. 

Girl - Children and Smartphones
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Start of Children and Cell Phones Speech Sample

Should Children Be Allowed to Own and Use Cellphones?

It is difficult to imagine a time when we did not have cell phones. Many of us rely on our phones throughout the day to stay in contact with our businesses, friends, and families. Whether we like cell phones or not, they have become an essential part of our society, and there is little chance of their use being curtailed soon.

Even children have begun to carry their own cell phones, not only for emergency and family use but to stay in touch with friends via text messaging.

So what are the positive and negative points of allowing a child to carry a cell phone?

Body of the Speech on Children and Mobile Phones

There's no doubt that a cell phone becomes an essential tool for a child to use when an emergency occurs. We live in a challenging and sometimes dangerous world. Having a means of contact with your child at all times through the use of a cell phone can help ensure their personal safety and provide peace of mind.

Children have used cell phones to contact their parents or officials in threatening situations. Some have even used their phone's ability to take photographs to ward off or identify predators. Furthermore, as children grow older, responsible cell phone ownership makes it possible to give them a more considerable amount of freedom than when younger.

On the other hand, owning a cell phone can also have a somewhat negative impact on a child. These phones can be a source of distraction, both at school and elsewhere.

Worryingly, phones make it easy for children to receive text messages and pictures of which their parents may not approve. Plus, medical professionals have indicated in the past that there may be dangers in having powerful cellular waves so close to a developing body on a regular basis.

One solution to the problem is to have a cell phone for the child that is limited in its capability to send and receive calls. A parent could program a mobile device to call out to only emergency numbers.  One could also set the cellular equipment to accept pre-established phone numbers. These limitations would give the parents some peace of mind, knowing that their child has a means of contacting them in case of an emergency.

Conclusion of the Pro/Con Speech Sample

There's no doubt that the issue of children and cell phones is a difficult one to resolve. If you have children yourself, however, then it will be a personal issue, one that you will decide for the benefit of your family. But I hope this presentation has helped you think about the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone use for the younger generation and will better enable you to settle on your OWN position.

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End of Speech on Children and Cell Phones

So what do you now think about children and cell phones? Should they be allowed to use them on a limited basis, or is your opinion that they should be forbidden to use them at all? Hopefully, this pro-con sample speech gave you an idea of how to go about writing one of your own.

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