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At a loss for persuasive speech ideas?

Persuasive speeches, which are intended to affect the beliefs of the audience and/or to move them to act, are most effective when they embody the honest belief of the speaker.

When considering ideas for persuasive speeches, think about what YOU really care about in your life. Think about something you believe in that you would like others to believe, or about something that you think others should do.

Overdone Persuasive Speech Ideas

There are some persuasive speech ideas that tend to crop up fairly regularly.

On the plus side, they are often topics that people really do care about and you will likely have a strong personal opinion about them. On the other hand, it can be very difficult to sway the opinions of others when it comes to long-standing controversial issues - and neither will your speech stick in anyone's mind as being particularly original.

If you're not afraid of tackling one of the more popular topics, however, then here are a few ideas.

You could take a stand on:

  • abortion
  • the death penalty
  • gun control
  • assisted suicide
  • term limits for our elected officials

You could present your point of view on issues that are in the realm of current events such as:

  • immigration
  • terrorism
  • gay marriage

Other controversial persuasive speech ideas may include expressing your opinion on:

  • the legalization of marijuana
  • the drinking age
  • mandatory seat belt laws
  • or using animals for experimentation

However, controversy is not always necessary for an effective persuasive speech.

And seeing how the above topics have been covered in detail in just about every venue of public speaking, it might be easier to keep your audience interested if your speech is NOT based upon something they've heard about a thousand times before!

Choose Persuasive Speech Ideas You Know Something About

What will make your persuasive speech most effective is your genuine passion for the topic.

In writing classes, students are often told to write about what they know. It is the same with public speaking. Look to your own life for persuasive speech ideas.

Instead of speaking about something controversial, you may choose a topic that sways people's opinions because it has a "feel good" aspect to it.

persuasive speech ideas bullying

Have you or has someone in your life been affected by:

  • - a chronic or unusual illness?
  • - racial profiling?
  • - reverse discrimination?
  • - censorship?
  • - sexism?
  • - physical abuse?
  • - sexual abuse?
  • - bullying?

(You can see a sample speech about bullying here)

Give a speech that advocates for more research into the topic, or urge your audience to donate time or money to an organization that helps people who have been affected by one of these issues.

Evoking emotions through relating personal experiences is a powerful element of an effective persuasive speech.

Perhaps your life - or the life of someone you are close to - has been affected by a preventable tragedy?

Representatives of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are out in the community every day in an effort to persuade others not to drink and drive.

Read the reviews on this highly-rated book about persuasive speaking

Persuasive Communication: Get What You Want Without a Gun! Paperback – October 26, 2011 by Maynard Garfield (Author), Raquel C Garza (Assistant)

[Full disclosure: Best Speech Topics is a compensated affiliate of Amazon.]

How about:

Is there a cause that is dear to your heart, or are there other injustices you've been touched by that could bring out your most persuasive nature? It is easy to turn your anger and frustration into powerful persuasive speech ideas.

You can also develop persuasive speech ideas from the activities in which you're involved.

Do you volunteer in the community, or at an animal shelter, or as a Big Brother or Big Sister?

Could you perhaps talk about...

  • - Cleaning up trash in your neighborhood
  • - Recycling
  • - Visiting an old folk's home
  • - Neighborhood gardening project
  • - Public transportation
  • - Flash mobs
  • - Candy striper

Persuade your audience to participate in the activity you are involved in, or to volunteer in general. Bringing to mind what you get out of your participation will give you the passion to persuade others to contribute to their communities too!

Here are some more easy persuasive speech ideas to inspire you!

Remember that persuasive speeches have a call to action.

In other words a persuasive speech should encourage people to believe, donate, support, volunteer for, vote for or contribute to your cause.

In making your case you have to create a desire in your audience to do what you ask by appealing to their self-interest - so be sure your persuasive speech ideas involve something you truly care about that would similarly appeal to the self-interests of your audience.

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