What Makes A Person Weird?

by Blazing Betelgeuse


Humans use this word to describe people, places, ideas, objects, and anything else you can imagine. But what does it mean? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, something that is “weird” is something that is “different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.” With a definition like that, you may wonder why this word is used so often.

We use the word “weird” to describe anything we find odd. We never stop to realize if someone really qualifies as being “weird.”

People make up their own definitions for weird. For one person; someone is weird if they like a certain band. For another, someone is weird if they like to read. For another, someone is weird if they like a certain cartoon. The list goes on, but one thing never changes: humans treat each other unequally based on what they believe is normal. This, in my eyes, is unfair.

“Normal” is another word that people interpret differently. What’s “normal” changes from person to person. Because of this, why do humans, especially children and teenagers, bully and ridicule each other over their interests?

To put this into perspective, let’s look at an example. Let’s say a new television show comes out about robots in space. You think the show looks cool and you enjoy watching it. However, your classmates think it’s “stupid” and make fun of you for watching it. This goes on for some time until you eventually decide to stop watching the show for fear of further harassment.

After seeing this example, you’re probably thinking about how unfair the situation is. Why should you have to stop watching something you enjoy because your classmates make you feel silly for watching it? You may be thinking, “Events like this never happen.” But I can tell you from experience that it happens more often than you think.

In fact, I would say you’ve been in the shoes of the bullies before more than once. I have, as well. We might not always realize it, but every negative comment on someone’s interests that we make pushes us further and further towards the bullies’ side. Every time we say, “Why are you watching that? It’s stupid”, we’re becoming the bullies in the example.

Humans unnecessarily judge each other for our minor interests, and I believe it’s entirely unfair and cruel to our friends, family, and neighbors. We need to be more willing to let go of the little things. If you don’t like something, that doesn’t mean you should make fun of your friend for liking it. Just because you enjoy different things does not give you the right to shame someone else for their interests. Just because someone is different does not give you the right to call them “weird.”

“Weird” is a monster. “Weird” is a dream or a nightmare. “Weird” is a rare gemstone.
People are not weird. Abnormality is normal. Everyone is different, and we need to stop treating each other poorly because we value our own opinions over others’.

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Reading is bad for you

by Jian Bin

I think that reading is bad for you.

Just pretend you are a mobile device, and studying is a virus. When you study, it makes you stressed out, right? That is exactly what the virus did to my Mac. It slowed it down and caused it to lag. And, you know what the virus scanner is? Your BODY! You start feeling stressed out when you study. And you know what the best virus cleaner is? GAMING! Gaming makes you feel relieved and happy. It makes you less stressed. Sure thing that exercise is also a virus cleaner, but gaming is an easier thing. You need to play games every week, or you will be stressed out like me. So not all study, but half games and half reading!

Thank you.

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Jul 11, 2019

by: Brian


Thank you for your 100% original submission. You short speech is an excellent start on subjects such as how much reading and work is too much, or how is gaming beneficial for stress reduction and relaxation.

Thanks for submitting,

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