A Valedictorian Speech

Leon from the United States sent his example of a valedictorian speech. He said the following about his specimen: "I know it's a little short but the time limit was 2 minutes. This (exemplar) is for my middle school, hence the three years mentioned, so bear with me if it's not too good."

I think Leon's speech is great! It is moving and inspiring!

I hope this excellent example of a valedictorian speech helps you out in putting together your own. If you would like to share your speech and personally prepared talk with the visitors to best-speech-topics.com fill in the form.

Thanks so much M. Leon for sharing your great speech with us!

a valedictorian speech example

Beginning of Valedictorian Speech

Today is a turning point in each of our lives. We have spent the past years wandering the halls of this great school and now we are ready to go on.

We have learned, laughed, loved, gotten into trouble, and most of all matured together. But today doesn't just concern reminiscing about the past; it's also about looking forward into our future.

a valedictorian speech

Life is a series of passageways, and we are leaving one and moving on to the next. When we reach that daunting place next year that has been our destination for three years now, we will start over.

We will meet new people, make new friends, and learn new things. We will grow older, more responsible, and independent. Then, the cycle begins again in college, and after that, we are left to traverse the unmapped expanse that is our future.

Hereafter our lives will hold many surprises for us, but I'm sure that we will approach challenges with the same boldness and equanimity with which we tackle problems currently. The unknown of our future may seem frightening now, looming over us like a dark thundercloud, but we might find that it is just a light, spring rain that brings the tidings of a rainbow.

As I look over the many faces I behold today, perceptions of individuals are washed away. I no longer see people as they were; I see them as they will be. So, rather than a young boy, failing all his classes, I see the next Einstein, making revolutionary discoveries. I know that this amphitheater holds the next decade’s great business leaders, doctors, politicians, scientists, and stars, and that all of these graduates will contribute to the fabric of the future in some way.

So when looking at the bright horizon that is my future, I am happy. For although my life will contain sadness and heartbreak, it will also hold joy, love, and success. And I know my classmates' will too. So don't look back, and regret, my friends, look forward, and smile.

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End of A Valedictorian Speech

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