Sample Motivational Speech: "Appreciation"

by Siara Dillon
(Middleborough, Massachusetts, United States of America)

To care for.
To acknowledge.
To love, even,
Could be your personal definition of “Appreciation.”
In a broader 21st-century sense,

Appreciation is a complex philosophical belief. It is not something that is taught by parents, learned through life; It is something that is individual to each citizen. It is something that needs to be reconciled greatly all throughout every race of human, of every country, culture, and mass population. It is something that needs to be considered amongst the slums of the poor, the impoverished of downtrodden inner cities expanding, reaching far beyond the limits of one’s mind. To the Sahel of Africa where rummage and hijackers prevail terror amongst their own. Appreciation is the simple elapse of thought that may never cross your mind. Appreciation is more than appreciation for those you know; appreciation is for those you do not. Appreciation is for the individuals that wake in the wee dawn, the early hours of the rising sun, not to head to their homes until night. Appreciation is consideration. Consideration is appreciation.

To be considerate.
To remind yourself of the deeds done for you.
To remember the efforts made on your behalf.
Could be an appropriate definition of Consideration.
But, one may say otherwise.
An argument could be on the terms of behavior.
An idea of the need for all generations to consider one another.
Their differences.
Their means of self-expression.
Something menial.
Or something more controversial.

Toxicity stems from the concept and lack of consideration. From a commoner’s act, breaching the lack of consideration is insensitivity. Insensitivity is a quality wherein a quality is not a characteristic; Wherein a characteristic is a constant state, an unmoving concept. Wherein the simplest form of insensitivity branches, the next “bait-to-tackle,” is prejudice. Prejudice to racism, racism to colorism, colorism to racially and color-motivated violence, violence to more violence, more violence to death.
Consideration and appreciation are both applicable to self-consideration, self-appreciation, and to externally considering and appreciating all ranks and likes of people you encounter. If they are acting in a position that will determine the effects of the alike, i.e., you, perhaps you should remind yourself of this. That they are a quantitative variable depending on your equation. Your equation should be sworn to move in their direction of the pendulum in neutrality, disregarding your thoughts and opinions on their self-expression.

Self-expression should be simple.
For the young to the old and vice versa.
For the minority to the majority and vice versa.
To the Republican to the Democrat and vice versa.
To the Independent to the Liberal and vice versa.
Complicated tactics will hinder your consideration and appreciation of others.
Acceptance of these individuals will positively affect the world by likening the chances.
The “chances” that are spoken of are a good point to inquire.

Whether it is obvious or not, these “chances” are the “chances” of the person in consideration appreciating the next person. Being grateful to each and every action is imperative because being grateful will eliminate toxicity and to eliminate toxicity there is a need for self-expression. In a world without differences, race, color, age, culture, expression, generation, language, as I have said prior, differences, what would there be to appreciate?

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