Sample Poetic Speech: Behind the Curtain

by Louise Behan
(Australia )

A world, once walked with people so innocent, caring, kind, and free. Now walked by generations of people integrated into a society where people turn to violence, war, and bloodshed.

Men, women, children fearing for their lives,
The Loud noises, sleepless nights, how many, they don't know.
The shots they hear now PTSD.

Happiness and joy, torn from them in the blink of a moment, loved ones now a memory.
Children hugging their mothers, fearing the moments that they may never see their father again.

Anger and violence deployed upon innocence.
They ask why the attacks?
Why do you want to hurt us?
They're unprovoked and unjust. There's no need. Please stop.

In return, more bloodshed, more troops, soldiers, their guns firing, bombs exploding.

All the families can do is hope.
Hope that the attackers see sense.
Hope that the nightmare ends.
And hope that peace is restored.

May all who experience the unjust attacks, be safe from violence and terror. May they all find safety within hope and help.
I pray for all. We pray for all.

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