Wedding Toast Speeches

bride wedding toast speech
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Wedding toast speeches are as much a part of the celebration as the white bridal gown and the tiered wedding cake.

Perhaps you've been asked to give a speech, and you're not quite sure where to begin and how to go about it.

Finding the right lines for a toast need not be like a thesis project. By following some simple guidelines, you can give an impressive and memorable speech.

To begin with, do a little homework

Make some inquiries about the wedding couple, the family, friends, and colleagues, so that you have relevant and factual material for the wedding toast speech.

Decide on a theme

Tailoring your speech around a theme is a good method. Your toast could be humorous, romantic, poignant, or witty.

As you're drafting the speech, work in the various bits of information you've gathered so that you bring out your speech theme.

Weddings are joyful times, and your speech should go with the flow. Keep the tone of the speech light-hearted and happy. Stay away from sensitive issues and give lots of thanks all around.

Think about YOUR part in the wedding

Have in mind your role in the wedding as this will influence the content of your speech.

wedding toast speeches

The father of the bride, for example, should speak of his pride at this beautiful celebration and his charming daughter. The father will mention his daughter's excellent choice of a husband, perhaps some funny family stories, and a word of thanks to all the gathered guests. The wedding is one of the few occasions where fathers are allowed to get emotional.

The bridegroom's speech should include his appreciation towards the bride's family and pay tribute to all those who have made this day so special. He should emphasize kind and loving words about his bride, and perhaps include a witty or romantic anecdote from the courtship days, excluding the sensitive details.

The best man  probably has a broader selection of topics and themes to choose from as he's not bound as much by family obligations and expectations.
He can bring in funny stories from his friendship with the groom, a unique story about the bride (carefully selected, of course), experiences with the wedding planning, and so on. He should also wish the couple much joy in their marriage. Same goes for the maid of honor speech.

Nowadays it's not unusual for brides to give a speech

There is no formal structure for a toast by the bride. As the bride, you can thank all those who graced the occasion. The bride should include a message or two from those who couldn't make it and say something thoughtful about her husband and his family. A funny or romantic story or two about yourself as the bride and the groom are also appropriate.

Practice the speech several times even if you're planning to read it. It's also a good idea to read your address to somebody else for a second opinion, particularly on how suitable it is for the occasion.

Weddings are wrought with lots of emotion, and guests expect some element of the protocol. People will be analyzing everything from the table napkins to the speech content. Keep that thought in mind if asked to celebrate the wedding event by giving one of the wedding toast speeches.

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