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Each year on June 12, the World Day Against Child Labour is recognized and celebrated around the globe. This special occasion was established by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2002 as a means of raising awareness and fostering dialogue about the issues of child labour. Through a variety of activities such as campaigns, public forums, and educational programs, individuals and organizations worldwide commemorate this day, seeking to influence policy change and prompt action that will lead to the eradication of child labour. To amplify this global call to action, one powerful tool available to us is speech. Consequently, this article provides a range of engaging and thought-provoking World Day Against Child Labour speech topics.

As we prepare to mark this special occasion, understanding the significance of the day will guide us in choosing the right topic. For a speech to truly resonate, it needs to be tailored to the audience and delivered with passion and conviction. Therefore, here is a curated list of World Day Against Child Labour speech topics designed for different speech styles – informative, persuasive, impromptu, and fun.


Informative World Day Against Child Labour Speech Topics

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  1. The history and significance of the World Day Against Child Labour.
  2. Different forms of child labour across the world.
  3. Role of ILO in eradicating child labour.
  4. The correlation between child labour and poverty.
  5. Child labour laws in various countries.
  6. How education can help in eradicating child labour.
  7. The impact of child labour on physical and mental health.
  8. The role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in combating child labour.
  9. The impact of child labour on the economy.
  10. The connection between child labour and human trafficking.
  11. Global industries most implicated in child labour.
  12. Effect of child labour on future prospects of children.
  13. Measures governments have taken to combat child labour.
  14. Child labour in the context of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.
  15. The relationship between child labour and armed conflict.
  16. Effects of natural disasters on child labour rates.
  17. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on child labour.
  18. The link between child labour and forced labour.
  19. Analysis of countries successfully reducing child labour.
  20. The role of the media in shedding light on child labour.

Sample Informative Speech Outline

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"The Role of Education in Eradicating Child Labour"


Start with a powerful statistic or story to grab the audience's attention.


  • Discuss the current state of child labour worldwide.
  • Explore the link between child labour and lack of education.
  • Detail how education can help break the cycle of poverty and child labour.
  • Share success stories where education has helped children escape labour.


Recap your main points, and finish with a call to action, encouraging your audience to support education initiatives to combat child labour.

Explore the United Nations website page "World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June" for details about the day, statistics, and resources to prepare your speech.

Persuasive Speech Topics Related to World Day Against Child Labour

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  1. The urgency of taking immediate action against child labour.
  2. Why businesses should take responsibility to eliminate child labour.
  3. The need for stronger child labour laws.
  4. Child labour: A violation of human rights.
  5. The need for increased funding for child labour eradication programs.
  6. The role of consumers in combatting child labour.
  7. Ethical consumerism as a tool against child labour.
  8. The importance of transparency in supply chains to reduce child labour.
  9. Making education a priority to combat child labour.
  10. The impact of fair trade on child labour.
  11. The necessity of international cooperation to eliminate child labour.
  12. Why every citizen has a role to play in eradicating child labour.
  13. Advocating for corporate social responsibility to combat child labour.
  14. The need for businesses to invest in child labour-free certifications.
  15. The importance of investing in rural development to reduce child labour.
  16. Encouraging youth activism against child labour.
  17. The significance of community awareness programs in curbing child labour.
  18. The importance of enforcing existing child labour laws.
  19. The role of trade unions in combating child labour.
  20. The need for improved data and research on child labour.

Impromptu Speech Topics - World Day Against Child Labour 

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  1. Your feelings about child labour.
  2. The importance of supporting child labour eradication campaigns.
  3. How you can make a difference in fighting child labour.
  4. The effects of child labour on society.
  5. The significance of World Day Against Child Labour in your own words.
  6. What you would say to a child labourer.
  7. How your life would be different if you were a child labourer.
  8. Personal reflections on stories of child labourers.
  9. Your role model in the fight against child labour.
  10. The first step you would take if you were in charge of eliminating child labour.
  11. What child labour means to the future of a country.
  12. Your impressions of the efforts to combat child labour so far.
  13. The effect of child labour on global inequality.
  14. Personal experiences related to child labour awareness.
  15. The role of schools in raising awareness about child labour.
  16. The relationship between child labour and the environment.
  17. How can art and music be used to raise awareness about child labour.
  18. Personal commitment to help eliminate child labour.
  19. The role of cultural and societal norms in perpetuating child labour.
  20. The importance of hope in the fight against child labour.

Fun World Day Against Child Labour Speech Topics

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  1. Hosting a World Day Against Child Labour trivia contest.
  2. Ideas for World Day Against Child Labour themed art projects.
  3. Creating a play to increase awareness about child labour.
  4. How to organize a "Walk to Fight Child Labour" event.
  5. Creating a World Day Against Child Labour themed song.
  6. A fun quiz about famous individuals who have fought against child labour.
  7. Hosting a charity fun run for World Day Against Child Labour.
  8. Organizing a school-wide "Day of Learning" about child labour.
  9. Designing a comic strip or graphic novel about the fight against child labour.
  10. Running a book club discussing literature related to child labour.

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