Process Speech Topics
How to Choose Them

Kanban Process Speech Topics
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When choosing process speech topics, the first decide the kind of process your presentation will be about. By definition, a process speech teaches the audience to perform a series of steps for an action, to make a final product, or understand the parts of a theoretical or philosophical scaffold.

You could speak about how something is done or made

During this type of speech you will be taking your audience through the process step by step, usually demonstrating each step in front of them.

For example, your topic could be about how to prepare Turkish coffee. As you discuss the process, you prepare a fresh cup of Turkish coffee by way of demonstration. By the time your audience has listened to the speech they should know how to perform this process for themselves.

Some topics involve speaking about a process that you expect your audience to understand but not to perform themselves.

For example, you could talk about the process of locating and purifying water in drought areas, or ethical diamond mining, etc. These types of topics take the audience through the process but without practical demonstration. The audience are not expected to actively get involved in the process (as opposed to making Turkish coffee) but rather understand why the process is important.

A third category of process speech topics involves taking the audience through the steps of a scientific or philosophical theory.

In these speeches the audience will follow the theory and then benefit from what they have learned from having the process explained.

For example, you could speak about how a moral theory developed. After the speech the audience would not be expected to develop their own moral theory but to understand that particular theory and why it is important.

5 Tips for Choosing Your Process Speech Topics

Process Speech Topics

1. Choose a topic that you understand and feel passionately about.

You must persuade your audience that this process is important or worthwhile. It will be much easier if you genuinely believe that it is important and worthwhile.

2. A practical application is always more persuasive than a theoretical one.

The process of eliminating contamination from water does not connect with an audience as much as the process of providing clean, safe, drinking water to drought affected countries.

3. The best topics are ones in which each step in the process can be clearly explained with reasons why the step is important and how it is performed.

4. Choose topics suitable for your audience.

If you choose to explain the process behind solving a mathematic proof that requires a PHD in math to understand, make sure everyone in your audience has one!

5. As a final check, make sure the process speech topics you choose to speak on are ones in which you can demonstrate the importance not only of the process involved but the value of knowing about and understanding the process itself.

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