100 Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas

Here's a list of 100 good demonstration speech topic ideas that you can use in your demonstration speeches.

These how-to speech topics cover a truly HUGE range of activities, so I hope you can find a subject that works perfectly. If not, take a look at the things you do on a daily basis. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with at least 100 more demonstration speech topic ideas of your own!

  1. How to trim a bonsai tree
  2. How to paint an egg
  3. How to put on makeup
  4. How to do origami
  5. How to do poi spinning
  6. How to do graffiti
  7. How to create a worm farm
  8. How to make garden stepping stones
  9. How to install a WordPress blog
  10. How to clean running shoes
  11. How to pick locks
  12. How to edit a video
  13. How to dance a particular dance
  14. How to raise tadpoles
  15. How to feed a snake
  16. How to detect if someone is lying
  17. How to create an iPhone application
  18. How to make jewelry
  19. How to make your soap
  20. How to make candles
  21. How to stretch before working out
  22. How to make sushi
  23. How to ride a unicycle
  24. How to make a fishing lure
  25. How to do card tricks
  26. How to do yoga
  27. How to do magic tricks
  28. How to play poker
  29. How to knit/crochet
  30. How to decorate a cake
  31. How to make beads
  32. How to create an ice sculpture
  33. How to solve a Rubik's cube
  34. How to make a pop-up card
  35. How to make animals out of balloons
  36. How to make paper mache figures
  37. How to create stained glass objects
  38. How to beatbox
  39. How to kickbox
  40. How to make a bird feeder
  41. How to attract hummingbirds to your garden
  42. How to perform tai chi
  43. How to edit your photographs online
  44. How to arrange flowers
  45. How to do braids
  46. How to use scarves on your head, neck, body
  47. How to remove scratches from DVD's
  48. How to make a foxhole radio
  49. How to whistle
  50. How to make fireballs
Demonstration Speech Topic

50 More Demonstration Speech Topic Ideas

  1. How to build an eletric motor
  2. How to use potatoes to conduct electricity
  3. How to make cheese
  4. How to play beginner guitar chords
  5. How to use chopsticks
  6. How to make a WiFi antenna booster
  7. How to make windchimes
  8. How to make a dreamcatcher
  9. How to do string art
  10. How to make a metal detector
  11. How to make iodine
  12. How to build a paper airplane
  13. How to build a shelf
  14. How to make clay charms
  15. How to make paper invisible
  16. How to make colored fire
  17. How to make instant ice sculptures with hot ice
  18. How to create a lemon battery
  19. How to build a balloon rocket car
  20. How to make water glow
  21. How to make a cloud in a bottle
  22. How to make kimchi
  23. How to hypnotize people
  24. How to use an exercise ball
  25. How to breathe fire
  26. How to make magnetic fluid
  27. How to press flowers
  28. How to carve fruit into flowers and animals
  29. How to make a magnet gun
  30. How to build a bird house
  31. How to build a mosaic lightbox
  32. How to use a compass
  33. How to use a TTY machine (text telephone)
  34. How to use a Ham radio
  35. How to make lip gloss
  36. How to make envelopes
  37. How to make paper
  38. How to make perfume
  39. How to make silly putty
  40. How to make a snow globe
  41. How to make a candy bouquet
  42. How to make ginger ale
  43. How to build a telescope
  44. How to make a pinhole camera
  45. How to make Play-Doh
  46. How to make yoghurt
  47. How to make a kaleidoscope
  48. How to make a hula hoop
  49. How to make a spud gun
  50. How to make a sock monkey

If you already know how to do something on this demonstration speech topic list, then you will be way ahead, in that you won't have to learn how to do the project yourself before preparing a speech!

You will need to gather all of your visual aids so that you can show your audience what you talk about step by step. Demonstrative devices include the products used in the process, posters, slide shows, and white boards. In addition to the sense of sight, take advantage of all five senses when possible including sound, touch, smell, and taste.

Make sure you create a demonstration speech outline before putting together your presentation and practice in front of a test audience (friends, family, or tutors) so that you feel confident presenting your demonstration speech topic on the day.

Do one of these ideas appeal, but you're not sure how to decide for yourself?

Then research or brainstorm a selection that seems appealing! That way, you'll end up talking about something that interests you, AND you'll learn a new skill along the way!

A well-planned talk illustrating how to create, how something works, or how to complete a task is educational and transfers valuable knowledge to the next person. A formal demonstration speech is most like tutoring from a parent or mentor. If you have ever received a lesson on something new, it probably began with an informal demonstration speech. 

If you have ever turned to Youtube for help on how to solve a problem, you have watched a demonstration speech topic. One reporter at the Guardian took this concept to an extreme and attempted to become a TOP chef by watching demonstration videos on cooking over the course of seven days. While not quite reaching the pinnacle, his cooking skills did improve. Dowling, T. (2018, August 01). Can you learn to cook like a chef by watching YouTube? Retrieved from https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/aug/01/can-you-learn-to-cook-like-a-chef-by-watching-youtube

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