How To Speech Topics

Here's a list of 100 "how to" speech topics on which you can base your demonstration speech. If you're new to writing this type of speech, then I have some great tips here to help you get started.

How to speech topics

10 Web-Related Topics:

How To:

- build mobile websites
- rank in Google's search engine
- design a Wordpress blog
- unzip a .zip file
- take an .xml file and make it a feed
- optimize website graphics
- use an ftp program to upload files to the web
- open a Facebook account
- get set up on Twitter
- sell stuff on eBay

10 How To Speech Topics on Technology:

How To:

- download from iTunes
- send text messages
- program a GPS tracker
- install more memory into a laptop
- properly clean a computer screen and accessories
- transfer music from an iPhone to a computer
- burn a DVD
- choose the best computer
- program a TV remote controller
- unlock your Wii console

10 Topics on Health

How To:

- lose weight safely
- increase your metabolism
- lift weights properly
- keep your heart healthy
- get rid of lice
- get rid of acne
- keep your teeth healthy
- quit smoking
- improve your eyesight
- exercise your brain

10 How To Speech Topics on Pets

How To:

- teach your parrot to talk
- teach your dog to play dead
- saddle a horse
- set up an aquarium
- breed animals to sell
- give a cat a bath without getting scratched
- introduce new pets to older pets in your household
- choose the right pet for you
- control the pets on Sims 2
- get rid of fleas and ticks

10 Topics on Fashion

How To:

- make your eyes look bigger with makeup
- tie a hair bow
- get rid of static cling in hair and clothes
- shop for clothes on a budget
- curl hair with a curling iron
- apply false eyelashes
- pick clothes that make you look 10 pounds lighter
- care for dry, brittle hair or nails
- remove stains from fabric
- clean a suede or leather jacket

10 How To Speech Topics on Gardening

How To:

- design a desert garden
- create a raised bed garden
- grow bigger tomatoes
- compost when you live in an apartment
- attract butterflies to a garden
- attract hummingbirds to a garden
- grow an indoor herb garden
- repel and kill garden pests
- develop humane animal traps
- control mole damage

10 Topics on Jobs

How To:

- never work again
- get a job after being fired
- write a resume
- write a cover letter
- ask for a raise
- make money on the internet
- work as a virtual assistant
- deal with office politics
- search for a job online
- add my resume to online job sites

10 How To Speech Topics on Education

How To:

- develop a photographic memory
- ace your PSAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc.
- become valedictorian
- apply for college financing
- get an online degree
- avoid problems with homeschooling
- get a GED
- write a speech
- deal with bullying
- decorate school books

10 Topics on Holidays

How To:

- put on makeup to look like a zombie for Halloween
- make fake vampire teeth
- carve a scary pumpkin
- create a Christmas tree out of wire hangers
- make a pop-up Christmas card
- build a gingerbread house
- make a Thanksgiving turkey out of lunch bags
- make firework fuses
- decorate a cake like a flag
- decorate Easter eggs

10 How To Speech Topics on Sports/Recreation

How To:

- do a 360 flip on a skateboard
- improve your golf swing
- knot a climbing rope
- tighten wheels on rollerblades
- put together a wakeboard
- repair a bicycle shifter
- arm wrestle someone bigger than you
- play ping-pong like a pro
- choose the best paintball gun
- put a spin on a baseball

Phew! There you go, 100 how to speech topics for you to choose from. Hopefully, they'll give you some ideas so you can come up with a hundred more!

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