It's Time for Change!

by Loghan Franklin
(North Carolina)

Inspirational Speech for Change in 2020

Inspirational Speech for Change in 2020


A New Decade.

Will we finally address poverty?

Will we finally address climate change?

Will we stabilize our declining economy?

Will we put in the effort to fix our climbing endangered species list?

There are so many questions, and we expect the government to answer them instead of asking ourselves the same inquiry, "What are we going to do?"

We need to take action instead of waiting for our government to do something. You only need to convince one person to try and make a change, and then they'll convince someone else. Soon enough, the 'Butterfly Effect' will take place, and we'll have an army to march against change. I've always been told, "Your generation will be our destruction or our hope." And, I say screw that!

You're capable of making a change no matter how old you are, or when you were born. The reason our society is still crumbling is that we keep giving the problems to the next generation to fix, instead of rallying behind them and helping them. We can't keep waiting for our government to fix our problems.

We must have change. So, be the change!

-Loghan franklin

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