Use This Public Speaking App to Practice Speaking to an Audience

All From the Comfort of your Own Home!

The secret to delivering good speeches is to practice, practice, practice!

But if you're anxious about speaking in public, things can get a little more complicated.

After all, reciting your speech in front of your bedroom mirror isn't QUITE the same as speaking to an entire audience!

Well, the brilliant developers over at VirtualSpeech may have come up with a solution!

And whilst it might not put a real, live audience right there in your bedroom with you, their 'VirtualSpeech App' is the next best thing!

Public speaking app

The app - which is free, but offers premium features for a fee - provides you with an animated, 3D, 360 degree audience

To use it, you need to grab yourself a pair of Google Cardboard 3D Virtual Reality Glasses.

The audience behaves in the same way as a real one would, helping you learn to deal with distraction and overcome your nerves.

There are 2 environments to try...

A large conference room, with 300+ capacity, and a small meeting room, with a capacity of 15+. This means that you can more closely represent the type of audience you'll actually be facing.

Public speaking app

Reviews of the app are very positive, with users remarking how it helped them get used to looking at people whilst speaking, which made them feel a LOT less anxious!

Real life interactions...

  • You can add your OWN slides to the scene in the virtual room, if needed
  • A clock inside each room helps you monitor how long parts of your speech are taking
  • The audience can interact with you, providing the type of distractions you'll experience in real life

Available for Android and iOS, this is the most useful tool for helping you deliver perfect speeches that I've come across so far!

See the app in action...

Click here to grab your Google Cardboard 3D Virtual Reality Glasses.

Get the VirtualSpeech App here

For an even BETTER experience...

The app works perfectly with the Google Cardboard unit above... but for a more comfortable, immersive experience, try the Samsung Gear VR (click here to check out the Samsung Gear VR in the UK)