Free Funny Wedding Speeches

Free Funny Wedding SpeechesFree funny wedding speeches are hard to find on the web. Believe me, I know! My son is getting married soon and I've been searching.

So I decided to create a mother of the groom speech (that's me!), father of the groom speech, maid of honor speech and mother of the bride speech.

It's not an easy thing to do, write a funny wedding speech, without going over-the-top. It should be funny but not insulting. Some families, like mine, are pretty sarcastic but it's all meant in good fun!

Even speeches in a more relaxed, after dinner atmosphere can be nerve wracking. While there may be no way to get rid of those nerves completely, there are some things you can do to make your speech a success, and it all starts with choosing the right topics.

After Dinner Speech Topics for Business Dinners

If you have to give a speech after a business dinner, the topic is especially important.

Business dinners can have a huge impact on your career. You certainly don't want to give the speech after dinner and flub things in front of your superiors and peers.

Picking from among appropriate after dinner speech topics is especially important for these occasions. Here are some topics to consider:

- Recent project success stories
- Upcoming tasks and milestones
- Recognizing and thanking people for their contributions
- Industry specific jokes, that are politically correct

After Dinner Speech Topics for Wedding Rehearsals

Wedding rehearsals are a little more relaxed than business dinners. There are still some pretty nervous people present, so don't take your speech topics lightly.

For these occasions, you want to stay light and friendly with the topics that you choose to speak on. Here are a few topics that you can use:

- The history of how the couple came together
- Funny stories about the couple, that are not offensive to anyone present
- Praising the couple for overcoming obstacles and making it to the big day

After Dinner Speech Examples for a Charity Fundraiser

These dinners are made to get donations. Even if the dinner party is board members and frequent contributors to the cause at hand, there must be attention paid to the task at hand - raising money.

Avoid making a direct plea; instead choose from one of these speech topics:

- Inspirational stories about the difference that the charitable organization is making
- The continuing need for supporting the organization
- Future plans about how the organization intends to do even more charitable work down the road

Depending on the occasion, speaking after dinner doesn't have to be long and drawn out. Here's a really short after dinner speech given by Colin Chapman in 1973 that conveys his heartfelt feelings about racing cars.

There are other types of dinner parties that call for an after dinner speech. Like the dinner speeches mentioned here, you have to start off with great after dinner speech topics.

The right topic serves as the foundation for the rest of your speech. It gives direction to what you will say, and keeps the listening audience interested in what you have to say.

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