Weird inventions

by lucia randle
(The rocks New South Wales Australia )

Weird gadgets


Today I am going o talk about some weird gadgets that I find pretty odd and wacky. There are definitely a lot of weird inventions, so these are just a few of my favourites. I hope you enjoy this informal but informative speech.

Have you ever wanted to take the "bike riding" out of bike riding? Well, there's an invention to do that, the foot-powered bike. Yes, you're right, the foot-powered bike. There's a strap similar to the one you would wear on the hair raiser attached to you. Then, wheels are clipped onto the back, and all you have to do is walk to ask someone why they would want to lug a heavy set of wheels behind them would you give this a try.

Well, I know this is about gadgets, but what about some weird food. Who has eggs for breakfast sometimes? Well, instead of your normal eggs, how about a one-hundred-year-old preserved egg. Yeah, it's true, a century egg. I have to admit I am skeptical about an egg that has been around longer than me on my plate. The egg is a black blob with green swirls and remains its egg-like texture. I think I would rather a normal egg. But, it is popular in Japan and an expensive dish at Japan's fancy dining restaurant Sokyo. Disclaimer: do not let an egg sit somewhere for one hundred years; that is not a good idea.

Would you like to invent a weird and wacky invention to solve your everyday problems? Well, draw. Here's how it all starts. With a piece of paper, draw down all your ideas. And, have a go at making a model out of items such as cardboard, paper, coins, pins, string, straws, and recyclable material, and you've basically just invented something. See, it's pretty simple now all you need is an idea some inspiration, but I'll leave that up to you.

Sometimes if you are sick and need to sneeze, avoid a walk to the nearest tissue box. Just get the tissue pillow. This regular pillow isn't so typical. It has a rubber tissue box that varies in colour attached to it. Specific models come with the Velcro that can be unattached when you don't want the accessory, so it's not pointless. But, do you need a tissue with your pillow or not?

What about down mop shoes to make cleaning just that little bit more fun? No need to sulk when you have to mop up. It's just an excuse to slide around on slip on your mop shoes. They are like slippers with a soft plush material covered in the mop fabric on the outside to clean up any spills. Just be careful you don't fall over. Anyway, this is a way to be active while you clean. What do you think?

In conclusion, there are definitely some bizarre inventions out there. And those are some of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed this informal presentation and are inspired to invent something. Thanks for listening.

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