Reading is bad for you

by Jian Bin

I think that reading is bad for you.

Just pretend you are a mobile device, and studying is a virus. When you study, it makes you stressed out, right? That is exactly what the virus did to my Mac. It slowed it down and caused it to lag. And, you know what the virus scanner is? Your BODY! You start feeling stressed out when you study. And you know what the best virus cleaner is? GAMING! Gaming makes you feel relieved and happy. It makes you less stressed. Sure thing that exercise is also a virus cleaner, but gaming is an easier thing. You need to play games every week, or you will be stressed out like me. So not all study, but half games and half reading!

Thank you.

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Jul 11, 2019

by: Brian


Thank you for your 100% original submission. You short speech is an excellent start on subjects such as how much reading and work is too much, or how is gaming beneficial for stress reduction and relaxation.

Thanks for submitting,

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